Aamir IP Associate

Patent Services

  • It provides exclusive rights for an invention to sell, use and make of 20 years upon its actual grant.
  • Pakistan is not member to PCT therefore local filing to be make in Pakistan.
  • Patent owners have right to give permission or license to third parties for their granted patents.
  • Priority of home country can be claimed within one year of filing date.


  • Applicant name and address
  • Inventors details with nationality
  • Form of authorization (P-28) simply signed
  • Form (P-2A/1A) signed by applicant and inventors
  • Complete specification in MS word with claims, abstract and drawings
  • Priority date and number (if any)


  • Filing
  • Examination
  • Publication (online Journal)
  • Opposition (if any)
  • Registration
  • Annuity due from 5th year (to be paid for all outstanding years immediately after grant)
  • TIME FRAME 18 to 36 months (approx.)