Is multi class filing possible in Pakistan ?

NO, multi class trademark filings are not possible, trademark to be file in each class separately.

What documents you required for online filing?

Apart from our online form we need Power of Attorney dully signed and notarized (Form TM-48) for filing TM. However, in rear cases we may file without POA with an undertaking to submit it later on or it can be submit by your preferred agent once you select them remember you have 30 to 60 days to select as the filing will proceed to next stage and objection will raise in absence of POA).

What if we select you to processing the application further after online filing?

The online filing we offer just to get your mark protected immediately without any delay by obtaining date and number as soon as possible. Off course we may continue with your Trademark up to its registration, however, apart from our online filing fee we charge separately, a fix fee for complete procedure that includes attending objections, hearings, publication and registration including courier charges to send you original certificate. (Excluding, opposition and counter).

What if we select you to processing the application further from the beginning?

You are most welcome, and we will be glad to represent you or your client.

Is there any discount in Official Fee for each additional mark?

NO, there is no discount in Official Fee for each additional mark.

Is there any timings for filing online in Pakistan?

Yes, although it is online filing, the online system consider same date as of their regular Official IPO Timings i.e. 9 AM to 5 PM (PST), after that time it may consider next day filing.

Who long it will take to file Trademark application by you online?

After conflict check it will be a matter on few minutes if you fall under prime associate category.

What is prime client?

Being a professional we consider you prime client, if you have website and membership of bodies like INTA, APPA etc.

What are the benefits of prime associate?

  • We do not ask for the advance payments for limited number of marks to be filed by you or on behalf of your clients however, we request advance payment for more than 10 Trademark and before next instructions.
  • Prime associate can pay as soon as we inform them of filing that has been done and before sending Official Filing Receipt (Electronically)
  • As a prime associate we immediately file your mark(s) after conflict check.
  • For Trademark Search no waiting time and may be filed same day.

What is the time frame for receiving search results (online)?

Usually it is faster than paper based search and vary depending of volume of search filed with the Trademark Office, it make takes 5 to 12 working days.

How can I request for filing Trademark Search?

Please use our online form for Trademark Search.

How can I request for Trademark Filing online?

First please fill out our online conflict form, once we confirm (Usually within 24 hours) about no conflict, we ask you to fill our Trademark Filing Form online.

What if there is a conflict?  

We may still file your application through our network of professional, however, in that case you have to provide us a Power of Attorney (Form -48) dully notarized and signed.

Anything else I need before I request to file online?

Yes, the most important for you to let us know where your preferred agent might be located in Pakistan, as there are four IPO Offices in Pakistan geographically located in three main cities i.e. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar, we have to select one IPO Office location for your filing where your physical file will be prepared after filing online.

What happen if we do not know where is the agent located or selected IPO Office?

By default we use IPO Head Office which is located in Karachi, most of the associates have presence in Karachi. On the other hand transfer of file can be done through your preferred agent later on (usually no cost charged by associates).

How can we pay the charges?

After receiving your instructions and conflict check we shall send to you the account number and details of the bank in which you will transfer the amount. (Payoneer will be available soon)

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