Copyright Services

Copyright Introduction

Copyright is a legal instrument that gives the creator of an original work of artliterature, or any work that conveys information, the right to determine how it is used. Copyright gives the author of a work an incentive to create new works and advances knowledge.

Copyright covers the following creative works:
  • Literary works includes books, magazines, journals, lectures, dramas, novels, computer programme /softwarecompilation of data, etc.
  • Artistic works such as paintings, maps, photographs, drawings and charts, calligraphy, sculptures, architectural works, label designs, logos, monograms, and other similar works.
  • Cinematographic works This includes movies, audio-visual work, documentaries, etc.
  • Record works that include sound recordings, musical work, etc.

Copyright Office since Independence and Governing Legislation:

  • After its independence in 1947, Pakistan adopted British Copyright Act 1911.
  • The British Copyright Act of 1911 was repealed by the Copyright Ordinance of 1962.
  • In Karachi, 1963, The Copyright Office
  • The Copyright Rules of 1967as amended in 2002
  • In 1967, registration began.
  • The International Copyright Order 1968
  • 1981 Copyright Board Procedure Regulations
  • Lahore Branch Office in 1984
  • Since 2005, part of IPO Pakistan.

Copyright Office Offers:

Copyright Office offers services to register a copyright work. Copyright work registration is voluntary. An owner must file a prescribed application. It is strongly recommended that copyright work be registered, since a copyright certificate issued by Copyright Office serves to establish the owner of copyright in court or before any other authority.

Steps to Register Copyright:

  • Application
  • Examining
  • Publication in a newspaper (Artistic work only)
  • If there is any opposition
  • Issue of Certificate by Registrar (Registration).


  • IPO-Pakistan achieved these milestones in copyright over the past few years:
  • Installation of Wireless LAN (Local Area Network)
  • Access to copyright application forms at the IPO website
  • Software development for account and reception systems.
  • In 2009, establishment of a new IT-Section.
  • Computerized acknowledgment receipt for copyright application was issued and File No. to the Applicant at Receipt
  • Issue a Computerized Acknowledgment Receipt for Copyright Application. At reception, to the Applicant.
  • 96% of Copyright Data has been completed since 1967, when it was established.
  • Copyright Office has been digitizing and scanning copyright files and data since 2008. So far, 52,306 Copyright Files have been digitizedand 42,130 Copyright art works have been scanned using Copyright Administration System (CAS), which Copyright Office prepared and installed.
  • IPO Pakistan’s regional office Lahore has been connected to Copyright Office Karachi via VPN technology for data entry. It will soon be operational.

Average time to complete Services of Copyright Office


Type/nature of office action

Average time for disposal

(working days)


On filing an application, Acknowledgement Receipt was issued

These steps are included:

  • System for the reception of documents
  • Verification and reception of fee instruments
  • Data Entry

One week


Examinationof Application. These steps include:

  • Formal examination
  • Reporting

Nine months


On compliance with all legal / codal requirementsRegistration Certificate is issued. These steps include:

  • Refusal / Amendments Processing
  • Data entry
  • Issue of Registration Certificate

Two months


Time from Registration To Copyright Application

Eleven months


Other requests that are not required hearing such as:

  • Request to issue a certified copy
  • Request to change name, address, or other information.
  • Request for duplicate certificate
  • Request for assignment / licence etc.

One month

Work of art, software, computer programme, literature, information or ideas can be protected as copyright.

Although copyright work is voluntary it is recommended as a certificate issued by Copyright Office serves as prima-face evidence to prove the ownership.


  • Filing
  • Examination
  • Publication in local newspaper (Artistic work only)
  • Opposition (if any)
  • Registration
  • TIME FRAME 8 to 12 months (approx.)