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About Us

In the world of rapid technological change and moving legal scenery, we have seen boom in the online business globally, yet it is most neglected in e-commerce, important to retain first-class professionals that are up to date to take care of your Intellectual Property assets with commitments to provide quality service for its clients and associates are the first and foremost requirements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead change in Intellectual Property services through intelligent innovation towards ever closer and more dynamic relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with excellent, innovative and transparent solutions in support of the development, protection and good management of their Intellectual Property.

What Our Clients Say

Onboard professionals with more than 25 years of experience, outstanding IP knowledge and expertise outclass all other traditional firms with the breakthrough in online Trademark filings.

Aamir helped me tremendously keep on top of a very important dates and timelines associated with my brand and LLC, I want to thank Anton for his help and being such a professional, I really appreciate him.

John Doe

Amazing guidance and simple and effective communication. You made it easy for me to apply for my trademark at a great price too.

Jawanica A

Aamir was very supportive and informative from the beginning. He literally responded to my office action within hours, and fortunately, it was accepted days later.

Rizwan Ahmed

Our Amazing Clients:

Most of our valued clients are either startup or entrepreneurs, while they face many challenges such as Capital Management, Lack of Resources, Team Building, Technical Know-How, Fierce Competitors, Finding Customers, they are unaware of their own IP assets under threat as long as they still on test mode, people and competitors start following them as soon as they see their presence online.

Preserving Relationships Are The Basis Of Success.

Understanding their need and budget, as they need not to go immediately for hiring full services available for top brands with heavy costs we inline our firm to fill the gap with most basic yet most important protection without much burden to their budget.

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